Blue State Blues For GOP

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Wisconsin Republicans are ready to celebrate, as they gear up for President Bush's inauguration ... even if the G-O-P didn't carry their state for the president in November

State Republican chairman Rick Graber says there's a little frustration over Democrat John Kerry's narrow win in the state. But he says Republicans did their share in the campaign, forcing Kerry to spend time in Wisconsin just before the election when he could have been on the trail in Ohio and Florida, two key states in Bush's victory.

The inauguration gives state Republicans and the rest of the G-O-P something big to celebrate.

Although it's considered a time to bring the country together, few if any Wisconsin Democrats seem to be joining in.

Governor Jim Doyle, a Democrat, was in Washington Tuesday for a quick meeting of the National Governors Association ... and he flew out the same day. He says he would have stuck around if it was Kerry taking the oath of office.