Gov. Doyle Supports Cooperatives

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Governor Doyle was in Eau Claire today supporting farm cooperatives and the dairy industry.

Originally, farm co-ops purpose was to provide mutual insurance. Over the years, Doyle says, they have proven to be an effective way for people to come together to deal with problems.

"Right now, for example, we're really building a system, working to build a system of cooperative purchases for health insurance for farm families and small businesses in which purchasers of insurance are owners of the co-op," says Gov. Doyle.

The governor also stressed the importance of modernizing an outdated agriculture system.

"I'm really proud of the fact that we've made advances in upgrading our dairy operations here in WI, giving tax credits just as we do to manufacturers we now give them to farm operations that are modernizing their equipment."

Doyle says an additional element to helping farm operations grow is extending the Milk Income Loss Contract. He signed a letter with a bipartisan group of sixteen governors calling on members of Congress to continue the program.