"Alice in Dairyland" Visits Altoona

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Dozens of Altoona High School students have a new appreciation for the nutritional value of milk. One of the state's top agriculture promoters stopped in to show the kids where milk stands when compared to other drinks.

Betsy Francoeur, this year's "Alice in Dairyland," spent part of her morning at the school to put on a "Beverage Olympics." Students found out what nutrients milk has, that soda, juice, and water don't.

"People remember what they do more than anything," Francoeur said, "that's why i try to keep my presentation interactive, have kids come down and see for themself how milk compares to other beverages."

Francouer is the 57th "Alice in Dairyland." Each of them tour the state for a year to endorse Wisconsin's ag industries.