Price Increase for Dairy Products and Cranberries Affects Thanksgiving

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According to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Thanksgiving dinner will cost 85 cents more, but it's about half the increase seen last year.

This year's increase has been attributed to higher cranberry, dairy, and turkey prices.

Sweet potatoes and Wisconsin potatoes will cost less.

For a group of eight, dinner averages out to just over $4.50 per person, which bureau officials say is still pretty low.

"As you head into the Thanksgiving time, you're giving thanks for a lot of things, and I think it's appropriate to really look back to the farms and the farmers who are out there everyday, producing the food that eventually gets beck to the stores," says Tom Thieding, bureau spokesman.

Since the market basket survey is based on statewide averages, Thieding says sales, coupons and store discounts can make a Thanksgiving meal cost less.