Sawyer County Shootings

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A press conference held at 9:30 this morning at the Lakeview Hospital in Rice Lake released information on the patients conditions. The three survivors, all from Barron County, were all taken to Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake.

Denny Drew was shot in the stomach from close range. Drew underwent a three hour operation to stop internal bleeding and repair tissue damage. He is currently in critical condition and officials say his condition is improving. Lauren Hesebeck was shot in the arm, the bullet exited out the top of his shoulder. Hesebeck is in stable condition at this time. Terry Willers was hit in the neck. Because of his injury, he was flown to St. Joe's Hospital in Marshfield.

The Sawyer County Sheriffs Department will also be holding a press conference in Hayward at 1pm today to give more information on the case. TV13 will interrupt regular broadcasting to bring that press conference to you LIVE.