Shooting Suspect Says He Was Shot At; Heard Racial Slurs

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A man suspected in the killings of six Wisconsin deer hunters has told police he was shot at first after some of the victims called him racially derogatroy names.

Thirty-six-yer-old Chai Vang of St. Paul, who is being held in the Sawyer County jail at Hayward, says a hunter approached him to tell him he was on private property. He said he started to leave as other hunters approached him. He says the hunters surrounded him, and some started calling him racial names.

The statement filed in Sawyer County court quotes Vang as saying that as he started walking away he saw the first hunter point his rifle at him and then fire a shot that hit the ground 30 to 40 feet behind him. Vang told investigators that's when he started firing back.

Additionally, Vang says he didn't realize he was on private property.

Meantime, Sawyer County Judge Norman Yackel set bond at two-and-one-half million dollars in connection with the shooting deaths of six people Sunday in a remote, wooded area of the county.