Sawyer County Court Documents Filed

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Chai Vang says he was ganged up on, called numerous racial slurs and then shot at before he began his rampage.

In court documents filed today, injured victim, Lauren Hesebeck and the suspect, Chai Vang detailed what took place Sunday afternoon.

Vang says it all started when he thought he was hunting on public land and got lost. He says he was then approached by another hunter, now known to be Terry Willers, the owner of the land.

According to Vang, a confrontation ensued and Willers radioed back to his camp. It was then, Vang says, people arrived on ATV's and verbally assaulted him calling him racial names.

He says he was then shot at one time before he removed the scope from his own SKS rifle. Vang says he crouched down and fired twice at the man who shot at him and that the man dropped to the ground as the others ran toward the ATV's. He says he continued to shoot and two or three others fell to the ground.

As the remaining men started to run, Vang says he chased after them and shot at them in the back. As there more people approached, he says he reloaded his magazine but he realized the people coming upon him were armed, so he decided not to shoot. Vang says he saw two others coming at him, and so he shot them as well.

Now according to Lauren Hesebeck's statement, his party didn't fire at Vang first, and there weren't any specific racial slurs used.

Sawyer County Judge, Norman Yackle, has set bail for Vang at two and a half million dollars.

Vang will be in court for his initial hearing on the morning of November 30th. Attorney General, Peg Lautenschlager has agreed to prosecute the case.