Air Pollution Advisory For Far Western Wisconsin Counties

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The quality of the air in nine western Wisconsin is prompting state officials to issue a warning.

Concentrations of soot in the air and the lack of strong winds is causing the D-N-R to warn the elderly, children and people lung or heart disease to limit outdoor activity.

The advisory stretches from St. Croix County south to Grant County
along the Mississippi River. Included are Buffalo, La Crosse, Pepin,
Trempealeau, Vernon, Crawford and Grant counties.

D-N-R spokesman Larry Bruss says even healthy adults involved in strenuous outdoor activity might notice the poor air quality.

The fine particles of soot come from coal-fired power plants, vehicles and other combustion engines. You really can't see the soot, but when you breath, it diminishes lung capacity.

It's the second air quality warning issued by the D-N-R this winter. A similar advisory was posted for the Milwaukee area in late December.

Relief in western Wisconsin is expected later in the week