Political Ad

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The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign was originally started in the mid-nineties as a non-partisan watchdog for campaign finances.

The group's executing director says the money and lobbyists have caused legislatures to lose focus on issues that matter to Wisconsin, like health care, the state's deficit, and loss of manufacturing jobs. "What we wanted to do was offer a commentary on the shameful way the public's business is being conducted at the capital," says Mike McCoy.

Seven term assemblyman Rob Kreibich says he welcomes constructive criticism but thinks the ads are petty. "It's easy to use the rhetoric to criticize and snipe from the sidelines but I'm interested to see what their solutions are," says Kreibich.

The ads feature a two headed animal (one a donkey, the other an elephant) playing a fiddle on a burning capitol building with the caption that legislators are "fiddling" around. They are running in major television markets around the state.