Inmates' Money Stolen

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Nine counts of felony misconduct in office have been filed against a former corrections officer for the Eau Claire Sheriff's department.

A criminal complaint against 33-year-old Peter J. Brown alleges that Brown stole money from nine different inmates over the past two years.

The amounts ranged from $20 to $700 and the money was allegedly taken from both inmates in the initial booking process and those on work release.

According to Eau Claire's district attorney, it was during a booking in December that another officer noticed Brown listed a different amount of money than the inmate initially arrived with.

"It was actually $20 short and that led from one thing to another to look into other instances in the past where there had been some other claims," says Rich White.
Captain Ken Berg says Brown was acting alone, and no other workers from the department are being investigated. "This bruises the department a little bit," says Berg. "But on the other hand, we have an awful lot of good employees some of whom provided information in this investigation."

Brown no longer works at the sheriff's department and is scheduled to make his initial appearance in court on the 17th.