Eating Out Heart Healthy

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Officials predict that Wisconsin consumers will spend over six billion dollars this year on eating out.
Between the deep fried food and large portions, the slide toward eating away from home concerns registered dietitian Beth Lucas.
"Heart disease is the number one killer of women and it's definitely an issue that has gotten worse," said Lucas.
Whether it's lunch meetings or dinner dates eating out is an important part of our culture.
But experts say it's not that you should avoid these social situations--but instead make good choices.
"Really study the menu, look and see what is available, what kind of choices you have, if you don't see something you can always ask," said Lucas.
The same goes for fast food, local Wendy's franchisee Diane Bullock says they are committed to providing healthy choices.
At Wendy's customers can substitute healthier choices like chili, fruit, a baked potato or a salad for fries.
"What we saw was that need of customers wanting something healthier, " said Bullock.
Besides looking for healthy alternatives consumers have to be aware of is how restaurants are preparing things
Mona Lisa's restaurant in Eau Claire is recognized by the Wisconsin Restaurant Association.
Owner Lisa Aspenson says, "We've always really been on this wave length, Mona Lisa's hasn't changed the way we do things, we always done everything made to order."
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