Zien To Propose Minimum Markup Repeal

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In an age of rising gas prices, the fuel isn't what's keeping D&D Gas Plus in Eleva afloat.

"Right now it isn't your outside sales that you're making a living on, it's what you can offer the consumer on the inside," said owner Dough Loomis. With everything he can offer, he's sure that a competitive gas price is what keeps em' coming back for more.

Senator Dave Zien is against high gas prices made higher without Minimum Mark-Up, or what some call the Unfair Sales Act, so he is trying to get rid of Minimum Mark-Up for a year, and study the effect on stations and consumers.

"That's going to help economic development, it's gonna hlep tourism, historic preservation help people-just have more money in their pockets," the Senator said.

Without the Unfair Sales Act in place, Loomis said his business could go under within six months, leaving people in Eleva no choice but to go to another city for their gas.

Senator Zien maintains that even the "mom-and-pop shop" will benefit.

"I'm going to guess that after one year, we'll continue it."

Loomis's customers probably aren't any happier paying the dollar-98 a gallon as he is charging it.

"If we can mainain our volume and break even or even sell for a fair market value, we can exist."

Even though he pays about as much for gas as we do.