Lakeside Cited Again

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One of the area's largest nursing homes is having some of the same problems with patient care that it did with the previous ownership, which was decertified for those problems.

Lakeside Rehabilitation and Nursing in Chippewa Falls has been notified that it failed a recent inspection, which included notes on two incidents about patient care in December.

In one incident, an improper feeding technique was used on a resident who died two weeks afterward.

The other incident involved an unattended resident who was hospitalized after attempting to climb out of a recliner propped back with a garbage can.

Now, administration needs to present a removal plan to the state, illustrating the care they give does not endanger residents.

"That plan will be reviewed by this office and the federal government and once it's approved, we'll be going on site to assure the facility has removed the immediate serious deficiencies," says state inspector Joseph Bonner.

Administrator Debra Boyd says staff has been reprimanded and nurses supervising at the time of the incidents no longer work at Lakeside.

Meetings will be held Monday, February 7, and Tuesday February 8 for residents and their families to have staff answer any questions about the incident. The meeting will be in the cafeteria at 5:00 p.m. on both days.