Korean War Tribute

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The Highground Memorial Park near Neillsville pays tribute to all veterans with special monuments to many of America's past wars, but not one often referred to as the forgotten war.

That's going to change.

A panel of nine judges chose from eleven designs.. All done by different artists for the new Korean War tribute.

The winning design had to follow the theme of non-threatening and non-heroic. The winning design was a unanimous one.

The tribute will represent three different aspects of Korea, South Korea, represented by a soldier sweating and holding an empty canteen.

North Korea by a soldier holding binoculars and enduring the cold and in the center will be two G.I's helping each other in the rain depicting the monsoons of Korea.

All this will be in a circle, defined by the symbol of the ying-yang, which is on the Korean flag. Visitors will walk the circle of the tribute reading about the history of the war how many people were involved along with causalities.

The total project is expected to cost about $170,000.