Grant Money Awarded

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The West Central Drug Task Force was recently awarded a grant for almost $50,000 to support Project Safe Neighborhood.

Some of the money was awarded to area after-school programs. Eau Claire's police chief and sheriff were on hand to thank the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, the county's DARE program, the 3-5 Club and New Beginnings.

The non-profit groups say the grant money will fund transportation, staffing or new equipment.

"It was really nice to get this funding," says Ken Van Es. "It gives us a boost in the arm and helps accomplish some things that we might not otherwise been able to do."
Law enforcement credits the organizations and their programs for keeping kids off the streets when most juvenile crimes happen.

"We want that safe environment to know that if the kids are there, well supervised, we're not going to see them in jail," says Sheriff Ron Cramer.

The majority of the grant will go to support other projects that work to reduce gun-related crime.