Wisconsin Cheesemakers Miffed At Super Bowl Cow Ad

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A Super Bowl ad that suggested California cows are happier than ones in the dairy state has cheesed off some people in Wisconsin.

The ad was sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board.

In it, a cow decides to leave the herd in a snowy field and head for the warm, green pastures of California.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association director John Umhoefer says California apparently feels it has to put down the top cheese-making state to build themselves up. Wisconsin produced two-point-three billion pounds of cheese last year, California 1.9 billion pounds.

California board spokeswoman Nancy Fletcher says the ad has been on the air since 2003. She said it's meant to be funny and the state is not trying to squeeze anyone out of the milk business.

But U-W Madison dairy science professor Jess Reed says the ad only skims the surface of truth. cold weather than warm weather. He says happy cows produce more milk in cold weather.