Virtual School Leaders To Visit Eau Claire

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Jordan Johnson is taking five courses within "iQ Academies at Wisconsin" after years of getting picked on in public schools. He's visually impaired, and wasn't making the grade in a traditional classroom.

"The kids were giving me grief about 'Hey, you don't need that stick, you're not blind.' It just got annoying after a while."

"I'm sure they do their best to protect your child, but if your child is getting picked on on a regular basis or they aren't doing what you know their potential is, then certainly a program like this will help," said Jordan's mother Sally.

His teachers have modified the computer he uses to account for his vision, and his course schedule to account for his lifestyle.

"We call it 24-7...anytime, any place learning," said Heidi Laabs of iQ Academies at Wisconsin.

Laabs said students are offered a full comprehensive high school education, with classes they can take anywhere with their laptop and textbooks.

"Although it may not be the right thing for everyone, it certainly fits a need for many kids and families out there."

"Right now out of our 10,600 students in the district, we have 14 students that are open enrolled to a virtual school across the state," said Eau Claire Deputy Superintendent Dr. Gregg Butler.

They may even get to ditch their computers for a night to attend their own prom next year, but a real life basketball or football team for the kids would mean getting around some strict WIAA regulations.

Jordan said he's still in a chorus at a school in the area, while replacing public school C's and D's with virtual A's.

"He's become much more independent," Sally said.

That's a skill he'll value, even after his virtual studies lead to a real diploma.