Landfill Expansion

The expansion of the Sevenmile Creek Landfill is basically a done deal.. Having received approval from the Eau Claire city council, the Eau Claire county board, and the town of Seymour, but opponents said today they're not done yet.

A petition drive has been started for people opposed to the expansion of the landfill.

Fred Black, a person helping out with the petition signing, says they've collected 300 signatures so far.

One area resident says he went to several meetings.. but says it seemed like he was on his own in his opposition.

"A lot of the things they do they do behind closed doors and very secretive, you're never aware of the public meetings you never hear of anything."

But officials from the town of Seymour and the Eau Claire city council point out public notices were given and the matter received extensive news coverage, as well.

City manager Don Norrell says they did everything possible to notify neighbors and all residents about what was going on.

The DNR will be holding a public meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Seymour Town Hall to discuss this process.