Seymour Residents Discuss Landfill Expansion

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Dozens of people packed the Seymour Town Hall Thursday night to hear an explanation of how the ONYX Sevenmile Creek Landfill will be expanded.

The expansion needs to be approved by the DNR, but it's already gotten approval from the Town of Seymour.. the city of Eau Claire, and Eau Claire County.

Officials from ONYX and the DNR tried to reassure the crowd that expanding the landfill will be safe, but they acknowledged nothing can make the smell of decomposing trash go away completely.

"When the landfill is ended, it's only going to be 30 more feet in the air?" one neighbor asked.

"The proposed landfill permit which in two weeks will be approved, will only allow us to go that high 30 feet higher,' ONYX General Manager Mark Vinall replied.

Officials also fought back criticism that they pushed the expansion through without proper public notice.

The DNR plans to make a final decision on the expansion in the next couple of weeks.