More Worries for Lakeside Operators

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A state investigation last week found that a man at Lakeside who was prescribed a blood-thinning medication didn't get it for an entire month last summer.

He eventually suffered a stroke.

That fall, he was reportedly given the wrong kind of insulin. Despite all this, he's still at lakeside.

"The systems that allowed the resident not to receive the insulin had still not been corrected to the point where other residents were not at risk," said Joe Bronner of the state Department of Health and Family Services.

Still, officials at Benedictine, Lakeside's current operator, say there will be positives that come of this. Lakeside CEO Deb Boyd said it won't be through downsizing either. Lakeside has 245 beds, and she thinks the community needs each and every one.

Instead investigators said they need to make changes to their medication administration system before March 10th.

State officials are expecting a report from Benedictine any day, and said it seems reasonable to expect other residents are no longer at risk.