Asleep at the Wheel

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Finals week at UW Eau Claire is a time of high stress for students. Many will pull all-nighters in hopes of acing their exams.

That lack of sleep can lead to danger on the road once their last exams are turned in, and they start the drive back home.

About half of all fatigue-related crashes involve drivers under 25.

Troopers with the state patrol say a drowsy driver can fall into "microsleeps;" intervals of three to five seconds where the driver dozes off.

If you're going 55 or 65 miles an hour, you travel the length of a football field in that short time. Officers suggest a little pre-planning to keep everyone safe during their drive.

"Get that last final in at three o' clock, have the bags packed, load the car, have a good sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and make the trip," said Lt. Jeff Lorentz of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Troopers also recommend stopping to get out of the car and stretch every two hours or so.

Also, there's nothing wrong with pulling over somewhere away from the interstate to nap, if you crack a window and keep your flashers on.