Hallie Rezoning causes Feud for Airport and Developer

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The Hallie village president says this week's village board vote to allow new homes to be built near the Chippewa Valley Airport will mean orderly growth in that area.
The airport manager says the homes will choke off needed expansion in the future.
The 174-acre tract of land is owned by developer Paul Ayres, who plans to build around 140 houses.
The village president says about 55 acres will be set aside as greenspace.
But airport manager Jerry Thiele is concerned a residential area will take away the possibility of building a parallel runway to the existing one.
He says they've tried to acquire the land from Ayres.
"We've been trying to talk to the developer for the past six months , but I don't believe he'd be interested in selling to the airport," Thiele says.
Village president Pete Lehmann says rezoning wasn't necessary, but allows the town to control street locations