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Almost one month has passed since Chai Vang shot and killed six hunters from Barron County and wounded two others.

Uncertainty and pain were felt in the victim's communities, and tension has evolved with some of the blame being placed on the Hmong community. Because of all these mixed emotions, the Eau Claire Human Rights Coalition decided it's time for everyone to talk.

Cynthia Gray-Mash, an Eau Claire Human Rights Coalition member, says, "the purpose was to clear the air, talk about the issues and help people understand the incident and the aftermath."

One member of the Exeland Rod and Gun Club warned Hmong hunters to stay out of the woods in the area. Others urged for greater understanding, saying the shooting was the act of one person, not an entire ethnic group.

Gray-Mash says it's important to keep educating people about the rich history of the Hmong people, the differences each ethniticty contributes to society, and the relevance of hunting safety.