Wisconsin Sears Customers Hear Refund Guarantee

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Satisfaction guaranteed -- or your money back. There are some strings attached to that guarantee by Sears.

That's the heart of a new agreement between the state and the retailer.

More than 100 Wisconsin Sears customers complained to state officials between 2002 and 2004 that Sears was not honoring its satisfaction guarantee.

In most cases, the consumers tried resolving their dissatisfaction with a Sears manager before filing a formal complaint. But, that didn't necessarily result in guaranteed satisfaction. Sears employees are instructed to require that certain conditions be met before giving customers a refund.

State Justice Department investigators found that consumers were not made aware of certain conditions that had to be met in order to get a refund.

Sears has now agreed to disclose those conditions at the point of purchase and will continue to use the "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" slogan.