Celebrate the New Year Safely

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Driving under the influence of alcohol can mean a fine of almost $800, six points deducted from your license, and the loss of driving privileges for at least six months. By comparison, paying $5 for an evening of rides seems minimal.

The Right Way Shuttle, also known as the Big Blue Bus, offers pick up and drop off services anywhere within the city of Eau Claire.

The owner, Tom Klatt, says the sober cab allows people the freedom to bar hop without worrying about picking up their cars in the morning.

"We've picked up groups to where we've had the bus completely full and we can get 45-46 people," says Klatt. "It allows people to talk and converse with each other and just have fun."

For more information about the shuttle rides, call 210-0478 or check out the company's Web site, www.rightwayshuttle.com.