Looking For Cheaper Prescription Drugs

As the Canadian government considers cutting off supplies of cheaper drugs to the United States, senior citizens' groups are looking to Europe and Asia for prescriptions.

Several groups -- including some from Wisconsin -- will meet next month in Philadelphia to discuss banding together to buy drugs from outside North America.

American drug companies already are limiting sales to Canadian pharmacies that sell to U-S customers, and now the government is considering several proposals that could choke off Internet sales.

Importing drugs into the U.S. is technically illegal, but the Food and Drug Administration generally does not stop small amounts purchased for personal use.

But the FDA says importing from Europe could raise even more questions than from Canada.

Bill Hubbard, the FDA's associate commissioner for policy and planning, says at least in Canada, there is a regulatory system they know fairly well.

Meanwhile, President Bush has opposed all moves to make importing prescription drugs legal.