La Crosse Ten Commandents Monument Can Remain

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A federal appeals court has ruled the sale of a Ten Commandments monument in a La Crosse park is constitutional.

The Seventh Circuit court in Chicago says the monument may remain on a small plot of land that was previously part of a city park.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and two La Crosse residents sued the city in 2002 saying the monument violated the separation of church and state.

The city sold a 22-by-20-foot plot of land to the Fraternal Order of Eagles, which originally donated the monument to the city in 1965. Then they put up a fence around the monument and a disclaimer.

A federal judge in Madison ruled the sale was a sham and had ordered the monument's removal.

But the Chicago appeals court found the sale was not made to advance religion and the city's decision to sell it to the Eagles made sense.