Apparent Abduction

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Three suspects are under arrest and awaiting formal charges in the apparent kidnapping of an Eau Claire teenager for a reported drug debt.

The 17-year-old alleged captive has been treated for minor injuries in a case that comes just a day after apparent drug use sparked a break-in at a home where a family was held at gunpoint.

Eau Claire police say the parents of the 17-year-old received phone calls Monday from both their son and the people who they believe were holding him.

After they contacted police, an exchange was organized Monday evening downtown on Graham Ave.

The suspected kidnappers were to release the teen for money he supposedly owed for purchasing cocaine.

"A slight scuffle occurred when they took at least one of these fellows into custody," says Deputy Chief Gary Foster. "One fled and was apprehended by officers, but we have two males and one female in custody as a result of that situation."

The 3 suspects were arrested on charges of kidnapping and extortion.
Foster says a police investigation has confirmed that the 17-year-old did owe money for drug related activity

During the time he was held, Foster says the teen was assaulted with a bat and a pool cue.

Two of the suspects have histories with area law enforcement. One was due in court this week on different drug charges, stemming from an incident this past September.

The suspects will make their initial appearance in Eau Claire County Court Wednesday.