Cheese and Walleye at Stake in Sunday's Game

If the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will dine on sausage and cheese.

If the Packers win, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle will enjoy a feast of walleye Wellington and wild rice soup from Schumacher's Hotel in New Prague, courtesy of Pawlenty.

That's the wager between the chief executives of the neighboring states heading into the big game. It marks the Vikings' first postseason appearance in four years ... and the winner will advance in the N-F-L playoffs.

Pawlenty was optimistic in a press release announcing the bet, despite his team's poor showing in recent games. He says he's hopeful the tide will turn Sunday.

Doyle could afford to be confident, considering the Packers have twice defeated the Vikings this season. Also, this weekend's game will be played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, where it could get a little chilly.

Doyle says he suspects Pawlenty is feeling a little overconfident ... and he's sure he will soon be having an excellent walleye dinner.