La Crosse Ten Commandents Debate Quietly Goes Away

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As the U-S Supreme Court considers whether displays of the Ten Commandments should be allowed on government property, a similar La Crosse case is coming to an end.

A federal appeals court this week turned down a request for a new hearing sought by opponents of Ten Commandments monument in a La Crosse Park.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison and 22 La Crosse residents petitioned the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago for review. The only remaining alternative would be to petition the U-S Supreme Court.

Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor said today they won't take the case any farther, it's over.

The foundation sued the city in 2002, claiming the La Crosse monument in a city park violated the U-S Constitution's separation of church and state.

The city skirted the issue by selling a tiny plot of land on which the monument sat in Cameron Park to the Eagles club. The Eagles put up a fence and a sign that said the monument was on private property.

Gaylor says the Seventh Circuit court "missed the boat on this