Wisconsin Senior Citizens Driver License Testing Proposals

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Senior citizens would face more testing to keep their driver's licenses under a proposal being considered in the Legislature.

The bill would require drivers over 75 to renew their licenses more frequently. They also would have to take more frequent vision tests, and, after age 85, they would have to pass a traffic skills test.

Current law provides that most people only have to renew their licenses every eight years.

The proposal would require those between ages of 75 and 84 to renew their licenses every three years. Those over 85 would have their licenses come up for renewal every two years, and it would be contingent on passing a vision test and a traffic skills test.

Seventy-seven-year-old state Representative J-A "Doc" Hines of Oxford is one of the co-sponsors.

He told the Assembly Committee on Transportation at a hearing yesterday that he's well aware of the effects of aging and how his driving skills have been affected.

Hines says there's no harm in being tested more often, to make sure you can still drive safely.

The bill is backed by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups and by AARP