Chippewa County Humane Society Opens New Shelter

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For more than a month the Chippewa County Humane Association was without a home for its four-legged friends after a fire destroyed their building and most of the animals.
But this week they opened a new shelter and have already taken in 40 animals.
The new shelter has yet to be completed, but on Tuesday the humane society welcomed the first new animals.
Shelter manager Didget Weber says they are still receiving donations from the community and a little more would be helpful to help pay for their landscaping.. and for blacktopping a new driveway and parking lot.
"We're glad to be open, having everyone here. The healing has really begun having the animals here," Weber says.
The new shelter is currently full.. with kennels still left to come.. but it will take in strays.
Anyone wanting to surrender an animal is asked to hold on for a couple weeks before bringing it in.