New Menards Meeting

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Another meeting, this time possibly in Eau Claire, will be held before the end of this month between Menards officials and representatives from the DNR.

The meeting comes as a follow up to last month's Madison summit where officials tried to resolve a permitting dispute between the company and the agency.

Menards says the DNR denied them a building permit, forcing them to move a new plant and one hundred jobs to central Minnesota.

The DNR meanwhile says the site in question is a wetland and that Menards didn't work with them to meet building requirements.

Despite the disagreements, Eau Claire representative Rob Kreibich says progress is being made.

"Both sides seem to think once they got to talking that really this would be possible to resolve in a positive way that a: protects the environment and b: protects and safeguards the jobs in the region."

No word yet on exactly when the meeting will take place, but Kreibich says this meeting will involve more local and fewer state officials.