Proposal Gives More Testing for Seniors

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Current law provides that most people only have to renew their licenses every eight years. The proposal in Madison would require those between 75 and 84 to renew theirs every three. Those over 85 would have to pass tests, including vision and traffic skills, every two.

Roy Abraham teaches a refresher course for seniors. He says more frequent testing is necessary, and would take the guilt from friends and family who think their loved one shouldn't be on the road.

Rep. Rob Kreibich says the bill would take away seniors' independence and faces an uphill battle in the legislature.

Abraham teaches the AARP's Driver Safety Program. One is scheduled in April at the LE Phillips Senior Center in Eau Claire.

Refresher courses are also offered in other cities. For the one nearest you, you can call 1-888-AARP-NOW, or log onto the website