M.A.D.D. Calls for Sobriety Checkpoints

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The group "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" says Wisconsin and 10 other states need to take tougher measures to discourage drunk driving.

M.A.D.D. is calling for the states to lift their bans on sobriety checkpoints.

Research from the CDC on states that do allow checkpoints has found a reduction in alcohol related fatalities on average of 20 percent.

"It's important. We have good highways in Wisconsin," says Michele Hennick, a local M.A.D.D. spokesperson. "It's a preventative. Why not prevent some deaths? It's worth it."

Eau Claire Police say Wisconsin has had to turn down federal funding for drunk driving prevention because the checkpoints aren't allowed.

"Some of the grants that are available out there, we've had to let go because they call for these checkpoints," says Officer Jack Corey.

Currently, state statute requires law enforcement must have probable cause for pulling drivers over.

Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan are among the states that currently have bans on checkpoints.