Badger Rx

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In last night's State of the State Address, Gov. Doyle announced an expansion to a program that will make lower prescription drug prices available to Wisconsin residents.

The state already has a website,, that links people to Canadian pharmacies, but the expansion of Badger Rx would allow Wisconsin company called Navitus to negotiate lower drug prices for Wisconsin pharmacies.

Doyle says Badger Rx saved taxpayers $25 million last year.

Sen. Ron Brown says the program will provide a boost to local pharmacies that couldn't compete with Canadian prices.

"This then provides low cost right here in the U.S., right here in Wisconsin, which is absolutely what we need," says Brown. "It allows people to use their traditional pharmacy system."

Badger Rx is currently available for state employees and retirees, but the governor wants to open the availability to residents without healthcare coverage.