Governor's Plan Lowers Taxes; Raises Fees

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A new report says Governor Doyle's proposed state budget would decrease taxes in Wisconsin by more than 12 million dollars, but raise fees by 317 million dollars over the next two years.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau prepared the report for members of the Legislature who will be considering the budget proposed by the Democratic governor in coming months.

The report also says measures in the budget to improve the collection of taxes and fees would bring in almost an additional 64 (M) million dollars in the next two years ... but majority Republicans in the Legislature have already labeled that as more taxes.

Proposed fee increases range from vehicle registration fees for cars and light trucks, to hunting and fishing license fees to a sex offender registration fee.

The Leegislature's Joint Finance Committee held a budget hearing in Watertown that stretched more than seven hours as people called for protecting school funding and providing money for other state programs they rely on.