Murder Suicide

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The Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department is calling Thursday night's shooting deaths a murder suicide and has released the names of the two people who have died.

Officials say 26-year-old Shawna Miller of Altoona was shot by 34-year-old Dion Graham of Chicago who later killed himself.

Investigators say the two had recently ended a relationship and Graham was not happy about the separation.

Sheriff's deputies found the bodies of Miller and Graham around 11:30 Thursday night at 2411 Skeels Avenue, a home in the town of Washington.

Investigators say that's where a friend lived who was watching the couple's child. Miller's relatives said the two-year-old witnessed the shooting but is currently doing well with family.

The resident and her own child, also witnesses, are helping investigators piece together what happened. A neighbor says she had been up with her newborn around the time of the shootings, but didn't hear anything from next door.

"About quarter to 12 I woke up because our room was flashing red and blue and woke my husband up and we saw about seven squad cars outside out bedroom window," says Jennifer Steinke.

Capt. John Vogler says a handgun believed to have been used was recovered from the home.

The Sheriff's Department is not looking for any other suspects and does not believe anyone else to be involved.

A benefit has been set up for Miller's daughter. Donations can be made at any RCU location to the "Myeshia Graham Benefit Fund."