A Plan for Eau Claire's Next 20 Years

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Anybody who's lived in Eau Claire can tell you the city has grown rapidly over the last ten years, but that's nothing in comparison to what the next twenty years will hold according to the Eau Claire Comprehensive Planning Committee.

The committee, which recently finished its rough draft on a 20 year city plan, is predicting more growth in Eau Claire over the next two decades than the city has seen in the last five.

The committee says the best way to plan for that growth is to improve communication between all the area municipalities.

Dave Duax, one of the committee co-chairs, says, "It seems hard to believe, but we don't have any regular forum for all the chief elected officials from all the municipalities to get together just to share ideas and talk about our common problems. We need to get to know one another."

The committee also suggests better land management planning like relaxing zoning laws to allow for improvements to already housing.