Vigil In Brookfield For Church Shooting Victims

About ten people showed up for a vigil Sunday night outside the hotel where seven people were killed and four injured after a man went on a shooting spree during a church service.

The group prayed and held candles in front of a large makeshift memorial on a snow bank outside the Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield.

The memorial includes more than 40 bouquets of flowers and 20 stuff animals, which were in front of seven white crosses.

Each cross had a victim's name and age.

In the back, leaning against the tree with some bouquets, was a cross bearing the name of the shooter: Terry Ratzmann.

Fourteen-year-old Robyn Blahnik and 15-year-old Becky Niedfeldt attended the vigil because they knew 15-year-old Bart Oliver. He was one of the seven people Ratzmann shot and killed yesterday before killing himself.

Niedfeldt described Oliver as "pretty religious" and considerate.

She says he'd take care of people he barely knew.