Eau Claire School Custodians Lose Hair for Food Drive

School custodians do behind the scenes work. But custodians in the Eau Claire School District have started something that's brought them to the forefront. This is their Second Annual Food Drive, and it's being held at every school in the Eau Claire District.

They collect food from students for two weeks during the Easter season because that's a time when pantries go low on food.

This year, students at Flynn Elementary have added an extra incentive.

If they collect 375 pounds, they get to help shave one of the custodian's heads.

"I think I had volunteers right away who wanted to do it right then, so I put a goal out in front of them and wanted to give them a little bit of an incentive to get it going, and they've responded really well to it.

If they reach the mark, the shaving will take place this Friday, the final day of the drive," Flynn Elementary Custodian Mark Kramer said.

The custodians hope to beat last year's total of five-thousand pounds.