Top Consumer Complaints for 2004

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Out of the almost 14,000 complaints filed to Wisconsin's Department of Consumer Protection last year, violations to Wisconsin's No Call List topped the list, accounting for 20 percent of those complaints.

The Department's director says Consumer Protection returned more than $8.5 million for people in Wisconsin.

James Rabbitt spoke to a group at the L.E. Phillips Senior Center, reminding residents to contact his office if they have a problem, or even just a question.

"Sometimes you might have one little piece of information but other consumers might have the rest of the pieces," says Rabbitt. "Our investigators are very good at collecting info and tracing back phone calls and things they need to do to find out who's actually violating the law."

Problems with cell phone service and unknown charges ranked second on the list for highest number of complaints.

Problems dealing with rental properties ranked third, contractors and home improvement complaints ranked fourth and low cost vacation scams finished fifth.