Wisconsin No Call List

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Gov. Jim Doyle is responding to a petition that is attempting to lower the standards of Wisconsin's telemarketing restrictions.

Wisconsin's No Call list has stricter regulations than the federal government's no call list.
The Consumer Banking Association has filed a petition asking the FCC to consider changing parts of the law to lessen restrictions.

One would allow companies to contact former customers up to 18 months after service is terminated.

Gov. Doyle says people want their phones to remain quiet. "These are banks that are trying to sell you credit cards that are going to be making these calls, that is what it is all about," says Doyle. "And you weigh that against what has really happened in Wisconsin. I just want to emphasize this is a piece of legislation that really made a difference in the quality of peoples' lives in this state."

If you would like to comment to the FCC, check out the state's website, www.wisconsin.gov, which provides a line for filing your thoughts on whether or not Wisconsin's No Call list.