Universal Health Care

More people are going without health insurance because the cost to have it is rising beyond what people can afford.

One local nurse is starting a movement towards health care reform and it's modeled after her native country's health care structure in Australia.

The debate over health care has gone on for years, politicians battle back and forth on how it should be changed, but little is ever done.

Jane Truscott, a registered nurse, is doing a one woman battle to reform Wisconsin's health care into a universal system.

She says it's been in the works ever since she's come to the US and feels now is the time to act, because she is increasingly sees the effects of our current health care system.

"People are dying everyday because if they would've had health care they would have gone to the doctor and seen about the lump before it got too big because they don't have health care the don't go see the doctor."

Truscott's plan is similar to Canada's, every Wisconite would pay at least one dollar a week.

She says that would generate approximately 60 million dollars a month which would go into a fund.

Then everyone in Wisconsin would be issued a state health care card and every time they went to the doctor it would be swiped and the bill would go directly to the government to be paid.

Truscott knows it will be a long hard battle against the health insurance companies and some politicians, but she says if people get involved this one woman battle could become a large movement that would help millions in Wisconsin.

Truscott plans to have local meetings in the next few weeks about her health care plan to find out more information you can email her at: