High Wisconsin Cig Tax Proposed; Could Raise Cost of a Pack By One Dollar

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Under a new proposal, the price of a pack of cigarettes could go up a dollar in Wisconsin.

SmokeFree Wisconsin is proposing the tax, but some people are finding it hard to swallow.

Advocates say 15 percent of all Medicaid bills come from smoking-related health issues.

Democratic State Representative Jennifer Shilling of La Crosse says she sees the proposal as a way to help bring down the long-term health care costs.

The American Heart Association says it supports the proposal because studies show more people quit when the price of cigarettes increase dramatically.

But other lawmakers say the plan could backfire. Representative Mike Huebsch, Republican from La Crosse, says the increase is too much and would encourage people to go to Minnesota.

Gas stations and grocery store owners say they're worried about the hit their businesses could take.