Elementary School Defibrillator

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Tight budgets for the Eau Claire Public School District have been able to fund defibrillators for the high schools and middle schools, but not the other schools.
A committee from Lakeshore Elementary has started fundraising on their own for a type of defibrillator that is able to be used for both children and adults.
Organizers say they want to protect people not only during regular hours, but all the groups that use the school after hours.

"We have Girl Scouts that meet here after school we have our neighborhood association that meets here. We also have sporting activities that are held here from the parks and rec and we just want to make sure we're covered," says defibrillator committee member Tricia Kwick.

Since fundraising began last month, the group has raised almost half the $2500 needed for the device.

Donations can be made at any RCU location or at the school.