Property Tax Freeze Plan For Wisconsin Declared Dead

Wisconsin Republicans' property tax freeze is dead -- again.

Democratic Governor Doyle vetoed the Republican plan last week. This afternoon the state Assembly tried to override the veto but failed on a 59-to-39 vote along party lines. A veto override takes at least 66 votes.

Democrats in the body shredded the Republican plan, saying it would wreck public schools. Republicans say Democrats don't care about real people struggling to pay their annual tax bill.

Doyle and the Republicans have competing property tax control plans. The governor's plan would save the average homeowner two dollars over the next two years.

He achieves that by pumping another 700 million dollars into state schools and limiting local governments' spending.

The Republican plan would save that same taxpayer eleven dollars over the same period. But the Republicans get there largely by freezing schools' portion of the property tax levy at last year's levels.

Doyle says he won't abide by anything that hurts schools.