Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

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The state building commission Friday approved a capital projects budget that spends about a billion dollars over the next ten years on several projects around the state. Among them, $19 million dollars to build a facility that would allow Wisconsin to stay on the cutting edge for biomedical and biotech research.
A group representing the juvenile diabetes reasearch foundation were on hand to support the governor's announcement at UW-Eau Claire on Friday.
The facility would connect schools in the UW system and also provide space for continuing education for workers already in the field.
"We stand at the beginning of an enormous opportunity to have many more jobs in our state," said Doyle. "The biotech industry where we are a real national leader and that is an industry that is directed at helping cure illness."
Doyle plans to fund the $375 million dollar facility through the state and private funding and build it over 10 years.