Let It Snow

Many of the main roads in Western Wisconsin show little evidence of Friday's winter storm, but all the piles on the shoulders and side streets are an indication of how badly our area got pummelled by snow during the day.

A late night and early morning for local snow removal workers. In all, friday's snowfall totals topped double-digits for much of the area. Crew members in Eau Claire say cleaning up this mess will be at least a 4-day project.

"It's a little more frustrating because it's a lot harder to push this snow than it was the last time, so it's taking us a little bit longer," said Plow Operator Katy Martin.

Martin said the snow is so thick, even the plows got stuck from time to time.
Plow workers work 16 hour shifts, sleep for eight, then get right back on the clock for another 16 until the snow has been removed from every city road and parking lot.