Wisconsin Farm Subsidies Over $250,000 a Year Face The Ax

Six Wisconsin farms received more than 200 thousand dollars each in federal farm subsidies last year.

Those subsidies could be curtailed in future years if President Bush succeeds in limiting payments to farmers.

The information was in Department of Agriculture documents obtained by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act.

They show that Dane County Growers of Edgerton received 383 thousand dollars, the most of any farm in the state.

Under current law, farmers are limited to 360 thousand dollars in subsidies a year, but that limit is filled with loopholes that allow many farmers to exceed it.

Bush has proposed lowering the limit to 250 thousand dollars and curbing the loopholes, which in theory would mean reductions for the top three recipients in Wisconsin.

The Bush administration argues that agriculture must help all of government cut the deficit, which is projected to reach 427 (b) billion dollars this year.